Credit: History & Documentation e.V © Mike Stone

The murder of six million Jews by the Nazis and their allies was preceded by their disenfranchisement, plunder, and slave labor. And countless corporations profited directly. They propped up inhumane ideologies to profit economically – often to this day. But how should companies and legislators ethically deal with their past? Which lessons can be learnt for the ever-increasing expectations towards companies to act in a responsible and sustainable way? How can corporate lawyers guide clients in meeting their legal and ethical obligations? And how is it possible to take a proper look at those people who have been anonymized for almost 80 years under the term “the survivors”?
German historian and publicist Dr. Julien Reitzenstein presents answers – and a further, never-before-publicly-shown series of life-size portraits of survivors with their (great-) grandchildren, as well as touching survival stories in the US preview of WE! ARE! HERE!

Few in international politics have done more to generate concrete political action from an abstract concept of responsibility than Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat. In his keynote speech, he will make a link between the expropriation of Europe’s Jews, the Washington Principles, coined by him and adopted internationally for 25 years, and the responsibility of corporations today to deal with their historic and social responsibility. 

The reception will take place on November 9, 2023, the 100th anniversary of Hitlerputsch and 85th anniversary of Pogrom Night (Kristallnacht). 


Megan Gordon, Partner, Clifford Chance


H.E. Andreas Michaelis, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

Ellen Germain, Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues, US State Department

Gideon Taylor, President Claims Conference

Introduction to Art Installation 

Julien Reitzenstein, Historian and expert for looted property

Keynote Speech

Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat, Special Negotiator for the Claims Conference

Closing remarks – law and responsibility

Michelle Williams, Partner, Clifford Chance

Thomas Voland, Partner, Clifford Chance

Reception and networking

A reception featuring artwork from the photography project will follow

Events Details:

Date:        Thursday, November 9, 2023
Time:       6:30pm
Location: The venue (in Washington, DC) will be shared upon registration