Particular specialists are required to carry out such a unique project. We were able to enlist such specialists for this project in order to frame a historical concept within an innovative change of perspective in the culture of commemoration by using high-quality photographs.

Idea, overall concept and academic coordination: Julien Reitzenstein |

Photographer WE! ARE! HERE! Portraits Germany

Susanna Kraus

Actress, artist, photographer and artistic director of the IMAGO Camera

Susanna Kraus was born and raised in Munich. Her first encounters with photography came from her mother, fashion photographer Karin Kraus. In her youth, she took the opportunity to learn everything she could about analogue photography and to assist her mother in the darkroom and on the set.

Trained as an actress at the Otto Falkenberg Acting School in Munich in the early 1980s, Susanna Kraus acted for 25 years at various theatres in German-speaking countries and in television and film.

In 2005, her focus shifted back to the art of photography. She led the reconstruction of the world’s only analogue IMAGO Camera, a large-format walk-in camera invented by her father, scientist Werner Kraus, in the early 1970s that allows life-size analogue black-and-white full-body portraits to be taken inside it.

Photographer WE! ARE! HERE! Portraits United Kingdom

Mike Stone

Photographer and teacher

Mike gained his degree in fine art photography in Edinburgh in 1987, then trained under Dudley Reed and Lord Snowdon in London, refining his technical approach to lighting, composition and printing.

In 1990 Mike established his own practice in London creating portraits of musicians and celebrities for magazine and advertising clients.

Recent years have seen Mike’s commissions shifting towards reportage work for social enterprises. 

He now shares his time between his studios in London and Scotland, teaching photography with visual storytelling and creating exhibition projects documenting distinct communities through still portraiture supported by long form interviews.